Jun 15, 2007

If only...

If only every single music note could be translated into words, how will it be like?
If a C, is love, if an A minor chord represents sadness, or a G major is joy, how will it be like?

They say music is the universal language, you don't need to learn them, you just feel it in your heart? I wonder how that happens? If we follow the law of cause-and-effect, then it must happen for a reason, surely there is something that causes one to be able to understand a music. If a soft song is playing, why must it be a love song? A sad song? A sentimental song?

They could be singing korean, japanese or Spanish, but why is that, one can actually know what category it belongs to?

Back to where I really learn to love piano, the melody, is so sweet yet it can get as intense as it can be. The touch is soft, like waves hitting the shores. The splash sound is like the melody, every splash has a different sound, so does the melody from the piano, when you play a different chord. Piano cannot work alone, it's a combination between the soul of the pianist and the piano. Once seated down at the piano, one immediately connects itself to the piano, and the melody is the answer to the pianist's soul. One cannot simply be happy but playing a sad melody, and likewise. You may try to challenge, but ones' heart can tell, and it cannot lie.

Have you ever experienced moments, those "moments" where you can feel like a soundtrack is being played in the background? Like when you felt like taking charge of your life, you can "hear" BonJovi's It's my life, or when you're heart broken, you could just hear Natalie's Torn playing in your head.

And have you felt a song that feels like silk in your hands, or blanket over your body, warming you up? Or like rain dropping on your head, or a touch perhaps? Like it's an out of body experience, you suddenly feel like you're in another dimension, only you and your imagination exist? You could be in Provence, lying on the field of lavenders, soaked in its scent, the gentle wind gushing through your face, body, and every inch of your skin. Or you can be in Paris, next to Eiffel Tower, an umbrella over your head, rain falling from the sky like little threads, with the smell of romance in the air. That must be a wonderful feeling, huh?

Or it could be the time that you're in full anger, intensity, confused, stressed. The world comes to a stop, but imagine standing, stagnant in Tokyo, with crowds in and out of the train station, and there you are, still in the middle, train of thoughts running through your mind, like a storm coming. Or being in room full of glass, grabbing anything you can, and throw it, crashing it down on the floor, it's breaking, but there's a sound of silence. Your anger is louder than the sound of glass, and it won't go away. The ringing sound in your ears just won't go away, and it haunts you, and then you wake up suddenly in the night, knowing it's only a dream, and you shut your eyes, going back to your sleep.

It could also be the fairytale you've always dreamed of. The ones you watched, imagined and dreamed. A rose, representation of love, beautiful but slowly whithers and dies. What joy it is to have an eternal rose, with thorns cut out, protecting you from getting hurt. Your shining knight in armor, on a white horse, battles the evil dragon, or stepmother, saving you, and present you with a rose and plants a passionate kiss on your lips. Or in a ballroom, a timid you in the crowd, a handsome and charming prince walks through the crowd, towards you. He stops, and laid his hands, asking you for a dance. You took his hands, as he led you to the center, and you place your hand on his, and his on your waist, gliding gently, slowly, step by step, he leads you, and you danced beautifully, looking in each others eyes, the nose, the eyes, the jawline, the skin. The music comes to an end, everyone clapped. You blush in embarrassment, looking down, while his hands lift up your chin, and looked into your eyes, proclaiming his love for you. That's happiness for you.

All these, because of the music. All these, because of the melody. All these, your imagination. Thank you for such beautiful imagination, I think yours will be as beautiful as mine.

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"Piano cannot work alone, it's a combination between the soul of the pianist and the piano"
totally agreed with this ^^

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