Jun 19, 2007

Of talented.artistic.bad boys.

But before anything, I think I just have to let this out. Blog. I totally lost the whole meaning of it. Long gone were the days when you keep a personal diary, and snap at anyone who tries to peek at it. Blogging. I used to treat it like my own anger/emo-venting sandbag. It's personal, but it seems now that it's like, come and read my stuff, hey, leave a message, that sort of thing. Seriously, define blog. When it first came out, a lot of issues about it, you know people who tell out how they felt, basically writing a entry for their personal diary, people start commenting, condemning them, and bloggers actually committed suicide. Then comes the sensitive issues, where we're not supposed to blog about how our boss is a jerk, how our workplace sucks, political issues involving the government. People start suing each other. Er.. it's quite easy here though, you just get yourself thrown in the ISA, for questioning (read: condemning, have bad motives) the authority.

Hey, hello? Freedom of speech? To some extend, I agree with not "questioning" too much. So much chaos, so much whatever BS. Especially in a multiracial country, well any other countries as well. Racism is everywhere, remember? There's so much about the color, the race, the religion. In the end, it's true when one says there's no right or wrong. Just don't go too extreme, I believe staying in the centre. Two-faced? I call that adaptability, which works in our society, because everyone is different, you adapt to different people, differently. I used to call that hypocrisy, I used to use the word, fakers. But now, being exposed to the outside world, like they said, life starts after college, well, it might end right away, but hey, I'm still alive. Can't complain, can I? Imagine from a hardcore right-y to a center right. Well, I'm always near to the center, but being conformed so much by our society, I think most of us are forced to think and act a certain way. I still remember the infamous line, A girl should be seen but not heard. I was deeply hurt by that statement once upon a time, but now, hey, because of that, I'm still half struggling, because they say now, when you're not loud enough, no one will notice you. See how it changes? It's so hard being told when I was little, and now to do the opposite when I'm older now. You get uncomfortable, you get uneasy when being told the other way round. It does hurt when you're being mocked, but I've come to level, where one balance it by taking something lightly, but as a challenge to do better. As the Nike tagline goes, JUST DO IT.

Meet Yusuke Iseya. A model/actor/writer/director.
I thought gone were the days where I gush over bad boys. word.

hmmm. :) *dopey face*

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