Jun 20, 2007

Sexuality. Virginity. Human race.

That was really random. Well. It just occurs to me that I have to blog about it. I was just going through some celebrity gossip sites, well, Derek Hail in particular. I never like Perez, he's just mean. haha. So, there was this article about Jessica Alba, about her saying that she prefers sex without strings attached. Quoting her, she said that she wants to try different experience, and she often wonders, why do you have to cuddle and all the next morning, she asked, why should you be here?

It brings me back to Gary's class yesterday. We were having discussion on sexuality and virginity. This particular question that he asked, you know, if we're so all about no pre-marital sex, it does means if your partner is going to suck at bed, you have to deal with it. The end.

Bringing in the religion factor, the culture, the norms, it's morally wrong. It should not be in your minds, you should not be even thinking about it, because it's a sin. It's really confusing for this generation, especially. Is it really wrong. They say our body is a temple, and sex is an intimate thing you share with your spouse, and it's supposed to be out of love and respect. This is something already not orthodox, because it's a very, yes, a subjective opinion, but a balanced, not biased, not conformed by any of the factors mentioned.

Back to the core question: Is it wrong? One can say it's okay or it's wrong for a lot of reasons, I might look at it the religion way, some might say, what's wrong with pleasure? The other one might say it's wrong because we weren't brought up this way, and it's the western culture. It's actually very debatable. But when we're at this age, of teenage-young adulthood, we tend to have a lot of these questions in our head, guided wrongly, you can say that we'll end up being a screwed up, as what the society would say. Sampah masyarakat or society trash? no better than a zombie (a living dead). This is a period where our curiosity is at its peak. No doubt, you can call it temptation or curiosity or peer pressure, it happens. Same goes with smoking, clubbing...

Is there anything wrong with it? Is this not our culture? If yes, how do we define our culture? Isn't our "culture" based on MTVs anyways? We are always the one following behind, we're the wannabes. It all goes back to who are you individually? Son of Wong? Daughter of Krishnan? CEO of some big time company? Mother of 3? Mistress of Datuk L? It's all labels. If we were to go back to Darwin's theory, where we came from a ape generation, and by evolution we became human beings. What about God? Adam and Eve? Did they came from ape according to Darwin's theory as well?

Who are you or the society to tell being straight, having a healthy relationship= boy+girl, is good, and not boy+boy or girl+girl? Who are we to tell being virgin till you get married is the way to go? Who are we to name people who sleep around with people, sluts or whores? What rights do we have, really?

You can argue that without all these, mankind would go haywire. There are a certain of bureaucracy to follow, an authority to lead, making sure everything works fine. But to what certain extend, can these people, us included, creates a "guideline", forcing ourselves and our grandchildren, to conform to these rules?

Human errors happen. We make mistakes. We create fiction, or fantasy. We make it real, that's what's I find to be terrifying. Not knowing the truth and the false. Not knowing what is reality? Living in denial. That's even more petrifying than global warming, if you ask me.

Under layers and layers of lie/truth. It's like it doesn't matter anymore, it's like we're living and will die soon, why bother fixing something, why do we even have to think about it? It's not like we live an honest life. Apathy is the word. I like the "tidak-apa" term which has the equivalent meaning. You know what? This calls for a PR Crisis Plan. lol. Well, jokes aside, seriously, this is the BIGGEST battle, because it involves the human race (internal and external).

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