Jun 3, 2007

Good weekend.

A weekend w/o Japanese class. A breather for me. But I'll like to go back to it soon. Can't wait. hehe.. My parents came down for the weekend, that was fun.
We had breakfast at SF in Uptown, lolz, my dad couldn't find the entrance. But I wouldn't really blame him, it was indeed very confusing, because there were no sign of entrance and it was joined with the RHB bank. Seriously, they need to do something. lolz. I had my chocolate chip muffin at last. Delicious!

We went to Kota Kemuning to visit Aunty Jill, had lunch at Juliet's, a cool cafe/restaurant w awesome decor, tropical garden style. We spent some time there, before heading back to my aunt's place in Ampang. It was raining so heavily, a minor flood actually (I blame Ji Hoon-shi, because he was in BKK! haha) But all these made me realized that we, Malaysians are in quite a deep trouble with corruption. All these are not supposed to happen, don't cha think? The underground pipes and the whatever you call it (sistem aliran) should work properly. On top of all these, they are still pinching our money from the toll. How about the tax? How do you explain that? I don't really know who's responsible but I have a strong feeling that Uncle Sam has something to do with it. How could they (the gov) be so irresponsible (lolz, recalling what the landlady accused us of. So deja vu!), cheating us of our money (well, my parents' money) , not doing their best in their job, tak amanah betul! ( I don't know why I'm into using Malay now, but yeah.. haha..)

You guys can go ahead and crap about the public buildings mishaps.. Pak Lah can go around and complain, asking Uncle Sam to submit him a full report, but ended up in the end, using another 22 million ringgit (ALOT OF MONEY!) to inspect the buildings? What for? So that, you can take some out of it? Really... I would really hope that the government can be more transparent with us. We're not that dumb, although we're dumb enough to keep quiet about it, for now... If they don't start to be transparent with the publics, we will keep making assumptions and it will lead us to maybe ISA? But in the end, it's actually all miscommunication, and why end up in chaos and all?

Cut off the unnecessary corrupted roots, and keep yourself straight. Why not do it the right way? It always come with religious talk and all, keeping true to your values, society and culture.
But you guys never really walk the talk, and that is really frustrating.

And I'm not starting today with the discrimination against women yet.. That, I'll keep it for next time.

Ah, what else I did? Ah, movies. So far I've watched POC 3 and Shrek 3. And I did some catching up on old movies, 007 and Norbit (grosss!). haha..

I love POC 3. I think it's awesome. The love story was a bit cheesyyy though... haha... I mean 10 years? Who can last that long? And they don't even have tv or internet to fill in the time? hehe.. Jokes aside. Let's talk about the storyline, the plot, and whatever.. I thought it was good, it answered all the question mark in the 1st and 2nd movie. Very good resolution, witty and funny. Acting wise, I think Johnny Depp has kept his consistency from the 1st movie, he's so crazy, witty and really funny! Hats off to him! And Orlando Bloom, I wasn't really into him in this movie, but he was really good in this 3rd one. Awesome, the expression, ooo.. and the bandana looks hot on him? Nah, I'm not really a bandana person. hahaa... Keira, good as well.. Definitely the best compared to the other 2 movies. But tooooo skinnny. The outfits are awesome, but she need some meat to look good in it.

Special mentions, I would say Chow Yun Fat was great! Although the part where he died, it was too corny.. And it was so sad that he actually mistaken Elizabeth for Calypso. That was really dumb! Ah, and Keith Richards as Sparrow's father! Hilarious! He's cool! So gypsy looking with that guitar.. haha... Ooo. and that turban guy... his voice is oh-so-funny! No wonder he didn't want to speak.. lolz..

I wouldn't say it was almighty great, I mean it was pretty much similar, on the sea, war, fighting, nothing spectacular.. I only find the acting superb, although of course, the costume, props, makeup made it look more real, adding the whole feel to it.

And I like the song they sang. The pirates' song!

Shrek 3? Well, it wasn't as great, I never reallyyy like Shrek, to me, it's like a whole fairytale mix into one. A parody of fairytales? something like that. I didn't like the storyline, but I like the corny jokes, funny lines, and erm.. character development. Yup.. I like Donkey's half dragon-donkey kids.. So cute! Puss, is awesome.. I love Antonio Banderas' voice.. Sexaay! haha..
There were a few great laughs but that's it. Yeah, and also good values.. Yupz...

Even though you might be seen as an ogre or a loser, it doesn't mean you're one.

I like this quote alot!

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