Jun 25, 2007

Happy 25th Birthday Ji Hoon.

Hello, this is Rain.

I came to be over twenty-five years old already.

I thought I might always be able to stay at my junior age; I 'm in mid-twenty already.

I still feel the high school girls, who put on the uniforms, as my sisters,

I cannot believe that I became mid-twenty.

Anyway, thanks for the message of happy birthday.

I' m so happy for you guys' message.

It will be more wonderful if I could spend this time with you guys.

I' m also so sorry.

However, I decided to contribute my birthday to my future.

(I didn' t have a seaweed soup yet too bad..)

Now I' m staying in LA, meeting all relevant people with regards to the movie and

my English Album.

The movie, " Speed Racer," which I will take shooting from next month, will be very fun.

It will be such a great experience, and I 'm so excited to work with so many good talents.

And also look forward to the album.

I' m having meetings with good people and preparing a huge project.

The movie and the album will come out next year.

And above all, I 'm very thankful for all your support to help the Asian concerts finish very well.

This tour was planned 3 years ago, and all the people did work really hard.

However, it was you guys who made it.

I do appreciate all your support!

Now on the way to America for the concerts, I faced a couple of problems such as the

name of "Rain" and the production issue.

I' m very sad and upset, since I really wanted to keep my promise with you guys.

I had to forgive so many things because of this tour, but..

Besides, a lot of rumors came out due to the production problem.

I hope that people 's greed don't ruin our concerts anymore.

I' d better plan next tour and set up the stage by myself. Then, there won' t be any problem,

will be? Keke.

Anyway, don' t worry.

I' ve told you many times that I wouldn't even start, if I couldn 't show 100% of my things.

I' m doing my very best for that 100%.

I' ll be your Rain who you guys are very proud of and not shame on.

Please keep watching me and support me ^_______^

Jun. 25th, having twenty-fifth birthday,

Very truly yours,


This was his birthday message. I'm glad he's taking this well, the stupid lawsuits.
Saeng-il chukahamnida Ji Hoon!
I wish you all the happiness in the world.

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hi, im here again ^^
touched by his efforts and sincerity toward fans...^^
wish him luck and all the best ^^

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