Jul 31, 2007

Sick as a dog. Clueless as well.

Sick as a dog. Yes. Once again, ladies and gentlemen. It really sucks to be away from home and be sick. I miss that. Well, the last time I was really sick, my parents had to come down to see me. I call them my in-house doctors. I can take as much medicine I want, but it won't recover, and of all the time, I have to finish my supplements, which you know, contradicted to the fact that "TAKE YOUR VITS" advice, to not get sick, but somehow, you will, and that's the time when you finished em.

And yes, it always had to be near the exams, or some deadlines. Which will be over, in, erm.. approx 2 weeks? And no, I'm not done with my study yet, nor my really final deadline, which is Psych, that's going to make me psycho soon. See how it works? Just fine... haha. NOT. *yawns*

My circadian rhythm (yes, it's psych-related), has gone upside down. I just woke up from my nap not too long ago (it's 1:23 am n0w), which is kind of weird, but that the only way I can keep up, sleep whenever I can or my body tells me to, and force myself to wake up to finish up my stuffs (and yes, blogging is necessary- again, when the going gets tough, the tough goes blogging!) I never see how people can go into retail therapy to deal with stress? Buying all that unnecessary stuff and then regret later on that you spent so much? Oh yeah, reminder: If you're broke and all stressed up, please don't read the Kinsella Shopaholic's series. It will make things worse.

Yes, this particular book. No-read for the end of the month, when you're broke, and stressed up. Don't say I didn't tell you. (But I love this book though, :p)

One more rant! MAJOR rant! Not major rant, but MAJOR rant. lolz. Okay, I'll just cut my story short (hah!)

Yes, I admit it. Sad to say, that I, who is supposedly the one who knows what she wants in life, now, CLUELESS of what to major in! Ok, clueless is a bit too harsh. Maybe not clueless, eh? Let's just say I have my doubts and also a few options too. Hah!

Captain Obvious: You can't be this clueless! - YES I KNOW!-

Let me lay down the options:

1) Journalism. Okay, I'm kidding.

But believe it or not, journalism was one of my main reasons to go for mass communication. Although I nearly signed up in LUCT for fashion designing (well, i did paid RM300, lol), I've decided mass comm is for me. I don't regret that. But I still wonder how will I fare in fashion. As much as a sloppy dresser I am (t-shirt and jeans MAJORITY of the time), I do have a good eye on fashion, thanks to my passion for magazine. I religiously read them since secondary school (which I learn a lot of things other than that). Well, that's not the point? Okay. NEXT.

2) Broadcasting. This time, I'm not kidding.

Well, never have I thought I could be so passionate about something. Video, in this case. I enjoy doing videos (from pre-production to post-porduction). I love writing, that's how I started. And imagine I could turn them into something visual, that was the 2nd coolest thing on earth next the invention of er.. books and blogs! I love the feeling (you could say euphoria for all I care, hey it's better than drugs)- well, not that I tried, but the sense of satisfaction, wow... Wow...

Okay, coming back from dreamland, well... the not-s0-good points?

1) Where do I see myself after this? - Degree/ Straight to work?-
2) Is there really a chance in really doing what I really love and still earn the moolah?
3) How far can I go? (yeah, they say as far as the sky can bring you, but be realistic la?)
4) If degree? Or if I want to pursue further education overseas, where? and how do I get the
$$? (scholarship? do i stand a chance?)

Okay... NEXT.

2) Haha. PR. Yes. Public Relations. Oh my.

It's no joke. Yes, Hardip you are doing a pretty good job, damn. I should've known! No one warned me. haha..

I still remember what I wrote to Hardip (everyone has to send him an email, yes that one). I set my mind, at that time, that there is a high possibility. YES, no WAY, I was going to consider PR? Funny really.. now that it's the complete opposite.

I for one, hate politics, and conflicts. But let's face it, we face that everyday. But after all those PR lessons, hey, fixing other people's prob is not so bad after all, besides it's good $$, although I still don't agree on some issues like the covering up part, well, to sum it all up, the PR-penipu rakyat part.

PR? Why PR?

1) PR involves a lot of writing. -I'm okay with that-
2) People need PR no matter what, I enjoy the negative--> positive process
3) PR is challenging, yes, long hours, but satisfying when job is well done

Broadcasting VS. Public Relations.

1) Both are challenging (which is what I look for. I anti 9-5 job).

2) I enjoy both. It's impossible to do both?

3) Broadcasting is relatively new in the Malaysian market, and PR is a been there- done that kind of thing.

4) Both equally broad in career prospects although Broadcasting is quite unclear for me.

5) For one, I have a higher chance to go abroad with PR (with scholarship), whereas there
could be a slight problem with Broadcasting.

6) Is it really necessary to go abroad? In my pov, yes, for both. although there is a higher chance for PR (I think so)

You tell me.

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