Jul 31, 2007

Astronauts are drunkards? (read: stress-release :p)

The Onion

Report: Astronauts Flew Drunk

An internal review at NASA revealed that some of their astronauts may have been drunk when they boarded shuttle missions into space. What do...

source: the onion

This is something interesting. Can you actually believe that? I mean you're investing on a bunch of drunkards who are going on an expedition that costs probably billions of dollars? Hmm.. Well, sounds real for me. A non- astropobic person wouldn't even take the chance to fly to the unknown space, I guess alcohol works for them.

Caption: Woooahh.. I'm high!!! Flying without wings!

Side note:

This entry is posted due to post-traumatic stress of deadlines and upcoming examination. No offense to any astronauts and their immediate families.

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