Jul 22, 2007

Harry Potter Friday.

Haha... Finally I'm fully recovered from Friday's lack of sleep because of the last Harry Potter: Deathly Hallows book launch. Well, Winnie, Ian, Jamie, Kris and I went to KLCC, yes, to wait for the launching, where they had 13 books, free and 3 are signed by J K Rowling.

We watched HP 5 at TGV to kill some time. Well, the special effects are okay, but it doesn't really appeal to me. Compared to the book, it kinda suck. So, we had to wait for another 2 1/2 hours at the KLCC park. We were doing a lot of nonsense like, story telling and Truth or Dare, and taking pictures as well.

So, at 4 sth, people are already standing up, waiting to bulldoze their way in, to grab the books. It was really hot, and I smell.. well, we had steamboat a few hours before and we went for bowling, so wadya think? hahha...Gross.. Anyways, the door opened at 5.30 I think, and hell breaks loose, I got pushed over, fell, but I quickly stood up and ran for my life. The escalator was jammed with people, the elevator wasn't working, so I had to go through the escalator and ran up (3 storey high), and by the time I was in the line, a thousand people are in front of me, well, a rough figure. I gave up and went to Ian, who was quite in front, although he didn't make to the first 13, bummer. He still bought the book. So, it was still okay.. although, I'll be getting my UK version, for only RM60, I could actually still get ut for Rm69.90 here at Tesco/Carrefour. But, it's a motivation for me, to get through my exams and all.. Yeah, whatever.

We waited for them to the book, it was 7 am, and we were at the center court, resting. We were unbelievably worn out. After they got their books, we went to the nearest mamak for breakfast and headed back home to sleep! I had to get up early, for Japanese class, after that I came back, I ate my lunch, and went back to sleep until this morning. LOL. It was crazy..

This experience is fun, well, exciting in fact. Yeah, it was sad that I couldn't get a free book, but well, it was fun doing crazy stuffs once in a while. The fact that we were there, and so early in KLCC (Have you been in KLCC from midnight until the next day?), during the book launch, the Harry Potter's theme song was playing in the background, this marked the end of a great phenomenon. 7 years of Harry Potter, and it ended on the year of my last teenage year. haha. Growing up with reading it, finally it has come to an end. We made JK Rowling, possibly the richest woman in Britain, maybe the world. We've come to know, and love Harry Potter, well, I prefer Ron (Rupert Grint!). It all ends well in the end. I'm dying to know what happened in the final book, I have yet to get my hands on it. The day shall come, and I shall prevail.


I got the book at last. Finish reading it in 8 hours. So yeah, very nicely written, well, wouldn't say it's very original, but it's nice. I enjoyed the ending, I was all smiling reading em. :p

I was sad at some chapters... Fred died! Nooo.... 5 characters died in this book.. So, it was a tragedy.. Well I guess, there are too many characters.. Best way to handle em: KILL EM! Good job JK Rowling?

Yeah. Ron & Hermoine! lolz. haha.. I won! 7 years since the first book. I still remember:-

Me: Ron & Hermoine!
Cousin: No.. Harry & Hermoine.
Me: NO! Ron & Hermoine!

I won.. I won.. Haha.. That was lame.. But yeah... I still won!

Thanks to Joanne for the book. Love ya lots!!!!

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