Jul 20, 2007

Busy.. Busier..

A long day today. Yesterday when Mr Shankar announced that there will be no class today, we were so happy like it was Christmas day. Well, usually. But this is the week, that we have to work our butts off because of our final presentations and deadlines. And also our exams in August. Sigh. Not Christmas after all. haha...

Today's entry is just going to be how tired I am, and what a long day is today, our trip to Klang, and also tomorrow's D-day. I'm just going to summarize everything in 10 sentences. hopefully. hehe.

1) Yes, I'm very tired. I want to sleep.
2) But I have to finish the socio report. bummer.
3) I realized that erection cannot be forced. unless u're mentally disorder, or you're a porn star.
4) Before you think I'm a pervert, well that was from a psychologist, explaining our Klang trip.
5) Tomorrow I have to be in college at 10 am, and it will be another long day.
6) I have no idea what to wear, which is a headache.
7) Oh yeah, I met my classmate! in the bus on the way to KL sentral on Wed! it's a small world!
8) No. 8 is a lucky number. haha...
9) Tomorrow's D-day. I'm so dead. I hope I don't get a too harsh treatment. *crosses finger*
10) I think we got our name for our PR company.. What do you think of ****? (it's under OSA)

Yes, that's about it. This is just fun. We should do it next time when I'm tired.

Oh yeah, I have a really random opinion about Beckham, yes, that footballer. You know how Britney Spears flashes herself and exposed her ***? In Victoria's case, yes, I meant Beckham's wifey.. he actually put his hand to cover it, as she gets down from the car. The picture is extremely "wrong", but if you think about it, it's really sweet. After all, he's her husband. Duh!
I think that's sweet. ^ ^;; He's a gentleman.

With that, I conclude my entry. Good nite.

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