Jul 18, 2007

Okay. What?!?


This is the craziest thing I've ever come across with.

When Rain meets hormone driven teens, a title given by someone.


Watch this fan cam of Rain in Kudamm, Berlin.
Nice to see him fine and all, but seriously, they'll be really kind not to post the video up, if they understand privacy at all.

Why you think he doesn't greet them? Probably he didn't want to make a scene? They were like pleading and screeching there like some crazy fangirls (well, they are), who wouldn't be scared? Sigh..

What if I were in their shoes? Hmm.. What if he were standing right in front of me? I would wait there until I get his eye contact and give a courteous bow (jap/korean style)- of course it depends, if I could get a handshake or just say a few words. I did think of it before, so, that's probably what I'm going to do. No screeching for goodness sake, no screaming! God forbid.

Certainly if I have a video, I wouldn't post it up. No way. You don't really have to prove that you SAW him, it's all about the whole experience, I believe.

Like SHK in Hong Kong, she was hoarded by a bunch of fans holding some lightboards, practically shoving it into her face. Hey, that's a little bit too close for comfort. I believe she can see it from a far, you don't need to do that.

I'm human. I need my space too.

As for meeting celebs, I still remember a few. I usually wouldn't approach them, too shy, but I took pic with Reshmonu and Awal once, so it was cool. Sometimes, you think too highly of them, that you forgot that they are human too. It's nice to meet them and say hi, but it all depends, you need to give them some privacy as well.

Sometimes, a smile, is already good enough. They feel flattered to be recognized, and that's all it takes. You might be overwhelmed, but please don't o overboard and pounce on him/her just because you're THE BIGGEST FAN (plus a million others, that is)

Crazy fans. Seriously, some people are just wayyy out of their head. I'm human too, arrasso?
Some of my fans are crazy but it's okay.

So as for today, I am officially declaring today the PRIVACY FOR CELEBS day. 18th July 2007.

Something is wrong with the colours. Well, just ignore em. It's a 10 minutes effort, so yeah, this is what I came up with. Seriously, they should be treated like people, real people with real feelings.

I rest my case.

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