Jul 18, 2007

The wrong turn. Can I "gostan"?

These few days have been such a slingshot for me. Can I consider it as a wrong turn. "Gostan", is a term which I think most Malaysians can understand. Well, it actually comes from a malay word if I'm not mistaken, which means reverse, in english. Well, that is if I have a license. That's another thing. But really, manglish really rocks! haha..

Oh speaking about license and reversing, I have a little joke which I just read from The Star Online. Well, it's about the latest Potter book, Deathly Hallows, and how the writer, Davin Arul made remarks saying that Malaysia has a long record of its own magic before HP. What caught my eye was this:

P-verse: JK Rowling is constantly worried about plot secrets leaking out to the public.

M-verse: JKR is constantly worried about public buildings springing a leak.

Such sarcasm, and I love it! I bet it all came from our class esp PR and Socio, which the sarcasm is unbelievable! don't forget, randomness, and also well, stupidity (sad but through.. oopps.. true) There goes one.. hehe..

Dear Uncle Sam, please take note. And please don't put the writer under OSA aka the Official Secrets Act. Maybe you can just charge him for erm, well, defaming the department, for leaving you, emotionally distressed? It might work, and you could earn an extra million, if that is, you get the BIG fish. Well, life is full of it, just let it go, and move on.

Speaking about OSA, we went on a little field trip tp CIJ (Centre of Independent Journalist), in Titiwangsa. Currently they're having this really cool campaign "No more secrets" , well basically, it's like Freedom of Information, the rights to know whatever we want to know. Like how the tax money is being spent or who are getting the scholarships? Anything under the sun, which I don't know why it's so hard to just be transparent. What's wrong to be transparent well if you have nothing to hide? If everything goes under the OSA, then, what's the point of voting in the "democratic' country we live in? We can't have our say when we don't know anything?

Okay, before I get to emo emo, for more info please go to www.info-cafe.blogspot.com/ to sign the petition for FOI! Support the campaign.

It's 1:07 am. So many things undone, so many stress, so many deadlines and yet so little time to prepare for exams.

It's the time to test the waters. You know how far people will back you up, you know how true people are, or how fake they can be. Team work is being tested. Patience. and endurance. It's not easy. I'll learn it the hard way or the easy way. Well, since I'm morbid, maybe the harder way? But tactfully along the way, improvise and don't repeat the mistakes. Happy ending!

Gary's class was interesting today, yesterday, whatever day, it doesn't matter. From just two movies, one can learn so much by breaking the codes.

I recommend you guys to watch La Mano- by Wong Kar Wai. Intriguing, it's genius. Starring Gong Li and Chang Chen, it's a story of a prostitute who's in love with herself, always motivated by her beauty and physique, and how she changed the life of a tailor using her touch and hand which explains the title of this short film, La Mano. The tailor stayed by her side, his love for her never dimmed, but she cannot help herself to being loved, being dumped by her frequent client, having illness, she cannot stand being respected and loved by a man, and believes her life can only be damned. The faithful tailor continues to make her clothings and can only remember her touch through the fine fittings he made for her, faithfully waiting for her.

I shall have to end here today. Will be back for more once inspired with words, and imagination.

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