Jul 11, 2007

Mamak talk. De-stress?

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For those of you who don't know what a "mamak" is, well it's something like this. The term "mamak" comes from, well, I believed, usually the guy who runs the stall is a mamak which is a mixed indian-muslim, in a shorter term, "mamak". It became a trend in Malaysia (only, I think) that we tend to use mamak as a noun, "Let's go to mamak", "Hanging out in mamak".

Okay, so my main point is... LOL... The talk we had at mamak just now. Another thing was that I have an assignment due tomorrow, also probably my last PR tute presentation, and there we were 9 sth at night, having mamak talk, and also the fact that I am sitting here right now blogging about it. How fetch is that? (haha, what is fetch anyways? So Mean Girl, and I so sound like a dumb black!) hehe.

Well, Mot, Kris and I were at the mamak, having dinner while waiting for Ms Starbucks (I'm so callin her that now) Mot started it with by saying that visual is stronger than words. As an individual who believes strongly in words, well, expression of words, or even a word person (bookworm, blogger, etc), I objected and stated out my points to defend it.

I believe words has equal strength. For example, Harry Potter. Do you think without the words, without the book (obviously with WORDS), they would have come out with the blockbusters movies right now? LOTR? Yes, it is true that the writer uses his imagination, basically visual, to come out with it. But, in my defense, if you seen a hot chick, if you didn't know words to describe her, how would you tell your friend you just met the hottest chick on earth? How would you even describe it? Without words? Try that?

They say visual comes before words. Yes, but when you can't describe it, when you can't even say it out, it has no meaning to others. Like how people would say Nike- and immediately they say JUST DO IT! Or KFC, IT'S FINGER'S LICKIN GOOD!

It's words. Yes, we use visual as inspiration, but visual without a description is like coin without its value. But I still believe the power of visual of course, that's why I'm into broadcasting, my new found love.

Combination of writing and visual is beyond your wildest dreams. For me, example, being an independent film maker, to be able to write the story and turn it into a film, don't you think that's a great thing to be able to control, the power of your pen into writing, describing something out of the world, and then turning it into reality. It's just satisfying.

I rest my case. If there's any views on that, please share. I'm open to criticism.

I had a good time today having to debate on this topic. A way to procrastinate, to de-stress? I think it's just a warm up for me. This is procrastinating! hehe... YODA mode: Next session Mot, we shall have.

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