Jul 8, 2007

The "wild" child.

This is gonna be a quickie, coz I don't really have time to procrastinate further. Okay, ladies(mostly, I assume) and gentlemen, this is Lindsay Lohan. (duhh!)
Okay, I hear drugs, I hear lesbian, I hear party animal, in other words: SCREW UP B****!

Yes, we have heard of this wild behavior of hers. I kept quiet all these years, seeing her grow up from Parents' Trap to the present. Never fail to see her hoarding the headlines, always caught by paparazzi, ugly pictures posted everywhere (looking like a drunk, a lesbian, all the above). Still, I'm not saying anything. I even felt like a motherly figure to her, expressing my disappointment. Not that I'm old, I'm actually 2 years younger.

Yes, I admit that I'm a fan. A fan that stick by her even with all the nonsense she's doing right now, or did not do.

Here I quote:

You like someone because ......
You love someone in spite of ..

See what I mean? When you really like (not love, I don't love her as in love her) someone, you tend to forgive their mistakes, or the screw up stuff they do. Even when they might have did something wrong, you would be in their defense, making them the empathized one instead. Sounds familiar?


This article tells of her improvement recently. A PR piece no doubt, but hey, I'm accepting her! LOL. I'm not that easy, but if you're someone like Paris, well, it's like the sheep and wolf story. But I still like her though, although I'm not buying her bible hugging act! A stupid remark doesn't help either. I hope Lindsay doesn't follow that.

Oh yeah, I also wanted to share this article of her regarding her as a child actor in PT, where her tutor commented on her. She has been tutoring her until the set of Mean Girls, if not mistaken.


I'm really touched when someone was being rude to the mentor, she actually stayed in the trailer until someone said sorry to her tutor.

Diva attitude or not, that's really sweet. Although you'll just create more enemies, but hey, this is the real world.

All I wanted to say, I still like her for her acting, her personal life needs abit of fixing, so that's really up to her. FYI, I still like her compared to Hilary. *grins*

I just re-watched Freaky Friday, and it was awesome. She shines on screen. She needs that off-screen as well.

To Lindsay: Remember, you're it. You're the ultimate you! Rock on babe!

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