Nov 19, 2008


I was just having this random conversation on MSN, and on my personal message, it says: I need a car. So, naturally, this friend would ask, "Oh, so you need a car?" "How do you go to work?".

So, I answered, "Someone is sending me to work" As I pressed enter, immediately I regretted, and quickly add in, "It's ...." Of course, I was too late. The next message came in, "Is it a guy?" Gosh, now I wonder really, why when you say "someone" even without any added meaning to it, people would just assume that you meant "someone", that you don't want to confirm anything yet, but that someone means a lot to you?

Okay, I admit, I do refer "someone" as that "special someone", but really, in this situation, it is really hard to tell my friend that someone is hard to explain, like he's an uncle, but not really related to me, a family friend, and then you know, the question leads to, "Oh, so you're staying at his house?" which isn't really the case. So, point is, it's just complicated, so I just simply used "someone", because I didn't want to create any confusion. that simple.

Really, I believe truly now in one quote I came across before:

"Nothing has meaning, unless you add it in"

So, how that "someone" term, was another eye-opener to me, and proves to me, how people can easily form a perception on you or your life. Like, have you met "someone"? Gosh. I cannot even believe I can actually write er..1..2...3 paragraphs based on one word, "someone".

p.s Anyways, I was checking this out. Anyone interested to join my team? I've always wanted to do something like this, so this invitation is open to all the dynamic people/entrepreneurs out there.

p.p.s And yes, we've been featured again, this time on The Star, Metro. First article was on Sin Chew.

p.p.p.s i wonder if you can count the number of "someone" in this post?

p.p.p.p.s for wednesday blues, i officially announce that today is Jazz Day, so check this out. but please don't fall asleep at work, por favor! thanks to beba for the link. ;)

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