Nov 20, 2008

#SP7: Report Phone Numbers: Report Annoying Phone Calls

One thing that really get on my nerves is getting calls from unknown numbers, and having to tell them repeatedly that I'm not "some" person they think I am, or I don't need a personal loan, and the list goes on and on. Unintentional or not; intentional most of the time I'd reckon, it does test your patience.

Can we put a stop to this? Yea, probably. But raise your hand if you are too lazy to submit those numbers to your telco company *raises hand*, and by the time we get frustrated, we delete those numbers? Sound familliar?

Well, I am sure millions of people share the same sentiments about this issue, and would it be nice if someone were to pre-warn you that this particular number that is appearing on your caller id is to be avoided at all cost? Well, just go over to Report Phone Numbers and you can check the number that has been harassing you, and warn others against it. You might even find the same number that someone reported earlier; just add a comment so that people will know which number to avoid next time around. Click here to see how it looks like.

Now, that's simple, and it's a click away, and fuss-free too, and sharing is indeed caring!

Report Phone Numbers

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