Nov 18, 2008

Bloggers Buff 2008

Okay folks, please write it down somewhere; 22nd Nov, Saturday, at PWTC. Be sure you are registered for the Bloggers' Buff 2008 event, if you're a blogger, you want to know your rights as a blogger, you want to know how to make money, you want to hear it from bloggers who has been there, done that, and the whole enchilada.

What is Bloggers Buff?
In a nutshell, a platform for bloggers of all genres to come together with one common interest and share views on different aspects of blogging.

Who is behind Bloggers Buff?
A team of rocket scientists. No silly, a team of people who is passionate about giving you the best of the best, simply because most of us are bloggers, and we care about our rights as a blogger, and we want to share it by creating a platform for that purpose.

Is this new? I haven't heard of it.
Well, Bloggers Buff started last year in 2007, and speakers/bloggers like Kenny Sia and Yvonne Foong came to speak at the event. A small number turn up at the Bloggers Buff's debut and guess what we're doing it again this year, improved, bigger and better.

the organizing committee and Josh from Advertlets.

Why should I attend it? What's in it for me?
Oh well, this is not going to be some gathering where you sit, eat, take photos and go home. This is a two way, interactive event where you get to network, join in the discussion, ask questions! Best thing is, you get to listen to the horses' mouth itself, because we've arranged speakers such as Tun Mahathir, Rocky's Bru, Dato' Ahmad Talib to share their views on important issues faced by Malaysian bloggers today.

For the young jedi(s)
Okay, fret not, young jedi(s), because if you're just looking for something more light, we have a 2nd session, mainly for the youth bloggers. We've invited bloggers like Sid from Sunny&Sid, Yien Yee from A Shopaholics' Den, Gina from MiniBites, Jason Lioh from JasonMumbles and Jan Wong from Shirts4Real to share their stories and views.

The Bloggers Buff 2008 photography contest.

Under the Theme "My Generation My World", send your best picture based on it.
Be it Funny, Dramatic or totally out of the world, just send them in to

Also, if you register, your blog will automatically be in the running to win the Bloggers Buff's Best Blog awards. Before I forget, it's limited to only 100 participants, so register fast!

Okay, do I need to pay?
Yes, but we won't be taking any of it. It's more of a commitment fee and every single penny will be used for the event for you. The fees are as below:-

1) Part 1 (RM50)
2) Part 2 (RM20)
3) All events (RM60)

Okay, there you go. For more info, please visit Bloggers Buff and check it out for yourself.

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