Nov 30, 2008

Pamper Yourself Day

Okay, I just made that up. But, always, for a reason. I just came back from the supermarket, because I decided to restock my shampoo, from the fiery red L'oreal to girly pink; maybe I'm thinking my hair needs more shine than usual, and I figured out it wouldn't hurt to add some girliness while I'm at it. Okay, that was just a couple of BS, but I do have a point there. And my point is, I realized we should pamper ourselves sometimes, once if a while, at least.

I was just standing at the sinful indulgence corner (read: ice cream *heavenly music*); deciding on which ice cream to get (okay, actually "whether" I should get some or not?), and an elderly woman standing by at the same time and yes, she does have the same cheeky, thinking look on her face. I just asked her whether she would want to get some ice cream, and she chuckled like "i-don't-think-i-should" kind of chuckle but stood there, still glancing at the ice-cream.

And then I decided I should just get a tub, thinking it would make a great after-dinner dessert; and yes, I grabbed one and made my way to the counters. No surprise, my "partner-in-crime" at the ice cream did not take any and just walked pass me as I made payment.

Okay, that lady wasn't any stranger. In fact, I know her. Also, she is someone that I have been observing of late. She is a wife, a mother, a grandmother and someone who doesn't pamper herself. Once, we passed by a Chinese eatery with an orange interior, and you could see her eyes lit up. I didn't know that she has been wanting to go there for a very long time, and when we finally went, you simply cannot imagine the joy.

And I know there are a lot others out there. Personally, I have no problems in pampering myself and spending (haha) but often you find yourself starring at the price tag, and go "Oh, I really shouldn't". We have all been there but if you don't pamper yourself, really, who will? I'm not saying splurge every time you find yourself go, "Just this one time! Go for it!" but don't stop enjoying yourself just because you cannot afford it.

What you can do is to get your own "Play Jar", like how you used to keep your change in your little piggy banks. Put some money in there, and spend it every month on something you've always wanted to do and within what you have in that "Play Jar" of yours. You will find that life is more fulfilling when you can pamper yourself, even though it's just a tub of ice cream.

Learn to Love Yourself, Olivia Newton-John

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