Nov 12, 2008

we all run onto islands in the sun

let's together say, finally! =p

our ride to crab island (Pulau Ketam)

we all know jamie "dislikes" (an understatement) kids.
click here. and she tried her best to smile. good job.

meanwhile, Kristina is extremely excited (duh) xD

the crab jumped too!

major ps-ing.
watercolor, and fake clouds. ;)
p.s: man thinking, "posers"

and we wonder why Jamie refuses to take that jacket off.
it's frickin' hot, btw.

this is how the shop houses look like.

back in 1970... well, i wasn't born yet.

painted in red and put right in front of the houses.
according to the locals, it's to reflect and protect it from evil.

it was the chinese ghost month.
you can tell how long i procrastinated.

bicycle for rent + free lessons (apparently)

we pushed our way up.
who in the world can cycle through that, i salute them!

remember liu xiang in Olympics?
this is a parody by liu xiang-wannabe.

perfect for a hot day at the island.
100 plus and lala chien (egg+ lala)

crab noodles. guaranteed silence during meal.

you've got to have a souvenir t-shirt.
I love Pulau Ketam, which we took because it our lecturer's initial too, Mr. P. Kamalanathan. xD

go to the website: here.
the star article: here.

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