Aug 27, 2008

how to order starbucks like a celeb

i never get how people can pass off as "cool" or "in-group" when ordering their daily java at starbucks or coffee bean or san francisco coffee (okay i'm gonna stop here). coz seriously i can't.

as a self proclaimed java addict, i simply can't order something too long to say, like for example, iced shaken lemonade zen tea (which i usually stop to think after 'lemonade') which is embarrassing because i look up when i think, and having the barista staring at you, hmm.. well...


i just love it when i see in tv shows, or movies when they give super long order like, i'll have a tall skinny, double shot latte, non fat, extra hot, no foam, two shots of caramel *rolls eyes* come on! if you want to have a coffee, just have a coffee, whatever happen to simplicity, old school?

but here's how you can be "cool" when you order yourself a drink at starbucks. just like how your favourite celebrity does it.

pic: getty images

Ms Spears usually orders a Vanilla Frappuccino.
Hayden Panettiere -- Vanilla Grande Non-Fat Chai
Mary Kate Olsen -- Vanilla Venti Sugar-Free Non-Fat Frappuccino
Paula Abdul -- Vanilla Soy Chai

for the lactose intolerant (me included!! but i never ordered anything soy, hmm..)
Ms Supermodel Heidi Klum orders herself a soy latte
while Ms Hips don't lie prefers it EXTRA hot!

Fancy pantsy celebs such as Ashton Kutcher shares one of my fav drinks:
Iced Grande Caramel Macchiato

while Ms Renée Zellwegger brings it to another level:
Venti Blueberry & Cream Frappuccino

While some still drink it old skool' like
proud daddy Ben Affleck goes for a Tall Iced Americano (yumm!)

And Tea People such as LiLo with her usual Grande Iced Tazo Green Tea

credits (article): extratv

Well, the next time I'm walking into a starbucks/coffee bean, i'm going to try out some of it. well, till then i'll just stick to my usual kopi o, cham, and white coffee at good oldtown kopitiam.

afterall, i miss seeing old people sitting down in old coffee shops, chattering away about life and politics.

pic: vkeong

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