Aug 10, 2008

Hao Hao (I'm making fun of The Mummy =p)

The Beijing Olympic's Opening was nothing short of spectacular. I think from the start of the live telecast, I had my mouth wide open simply because I was truly amazed by how creative they are, from the chinese painting, to of course, the final passing of the orb, which deserved a standing ovation.

Lovely presentation of the 3D globe, while a touching performance by Sarah Brightman and China's singer, Liu Huan.

One thousand men for this formation. They were decked in green, but had little bulbs on their body that changes colour as you can see in the picture. Other worthy mention formation is the shape of a dove, which represents peace and unity.

Yao Ming holding the China flag, as he led a total of 639 people of China's contingent during the parade, which is also the largest contingent among the 204 countries.

No, Chinese New Year is not here yet, nor McDonald's not having a strike, it's China's athletes during the parade.

Japan's contingent, one of the few, or might be the only one country that held their flag+ China's flag together during the parade. This is what I call, true nation spirit.

As I was watching the amazing fireworks, performance etc, as amazed as I was and still am right now, I cannot help but think that 40 billion dollars (estimation) is a tad too much for an opening, even for the sake of nation's unity. And just to think about the Sichuan tragedy few months back, and the Tibet issue, which is still ongoing.

Such irony. and here they are, promoting unity and peace.

What do you think?

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