Aug 8, 2008

millionth tag game.

okay. exaggerating.
anyways, i'm supposed to write 7 facts about myself. again. lol.
i'm not going to tag anyone else for it but then again, i think i want to.
okay, this is a punishment to those who doesn't update their blog regularly.
Jamie and Kristina. You're tagged. xD

okay here's my list:-

1) i love photography.
oh and i adore this picture of me taken by jade. :)

check out myflickr.

2) he's my obsession= david choi
3) he's the reason to why i can play the guitar. *winks*
4) i love koala bears *haha*

5) he's my pillar= my dad

It makes my life worth it when he tells me "I'm proud of you"

6) And yes, I love the beach. I don't consider myself a beach bum but I'm practically born to stay close to the waters. Ironically, my biggest fear is drowning. Any take on that?

7) My favourite quote from Elizabethtown.

I'm pretty much a philosophical person. I love quotes.
Anything, deep, serious, witty and cute. I love them all!

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