Aug 2, 2008

perdendosi. i mean it.

Perdendosi (Pair-den-doe-si), my current status. In music terms, it means dying away. Yes, I'm literally dying away. You know how you gotta a whole workload, but you're trying to be in denial? I reckon that's more painful than having panic attack when you know your final presentation in going to be in two days.

Yea. i'm suffering from that. well, people give it a lot of names.
And I'm sure you know it. =_=;;

did i mentioned it's only 20 more days to finally "graduate"? yeah. time flies.

quoting reems, "it has been our routine for 2 1/2 years, what are we going to do?" either you further your studies, get a job, or get married. =p Hmm, 3rd option only works if only I have a boyfriend. haha.

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