Aug 2, 2008

better than sex, definitely.

this review is spot on, couldn't have said it better, as if they took the words right out from my mouth. brilliantly shot, brilliant characterization, all the right elements, the suspense, the drama, the action, it was almost perfect.

2 hours into the movie, you're already exhausted. Like "What could possibly be next?"
but it makes you jump right up, makes you hold on to your seat until it ends, and it deserves a standing ovation.

but, i would say no to batman's voice. do you really think that sound even close to mysterious or sexy? well, apparently it was to cover bale's welsh accent, hence the "out-of-breath" voice. "C-hould youu makkkee hhiiimm thalkkk?" With all due respect, it was funny.

speaking of which, i've already posted my opinion in the earlier post (i watched it during the world's premier), but this review at will tell you exactly how i felt about the movie. oh yes, they make the funniest reviews! :)

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