Aug 16, 2008

i can tell that's fake. but aren't we all superficial?

got one paper off my chest. how did i do? well, i'd like to think i did okay. 50%? i just pray that content matters and not the length. haha. =p

what else? ah, next on the list. motivational camp for the kids! super duper excited, i could use some motivation. haha. but i'm still excited, although i'm loaded (not as in cash) with work. period.

ah. and so fei sms-ed us, and took us to watch the short+sweet play, at KL Pac, which was shweeet! Also to support Vince's playwright who was featured among the 10 play i watched tonight.

Being a theater (virgin), i was really impressed by how good can it be.

Every play in their own rights; the actors, the witty lines, great scripts. did enjoy watching a 10 minutes play (10 different plays), it's fast paced and direct to the point, and most importantly, you won't get bored! :)

i particularly enjoyed "I can tell your handbag is fake" by Dean Lundquist. superb!

edit: he replied my email. yea after so long, but hey, it feels good to know you're heard! :)

Dear Felicia,

Thanks for your kind comments. I am sorry it's taken me so long to reply. Apparently my email wasn't being forwarded as it should've been. The play just performed over the weekend in the USA and is slated to be performed in Sydney in 2009. So glad you enjoyed the festival and my work.



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