Jul 21, 2008

one of those days when internet connection sucks

when it isn't anyways? one. the connection decided to be a brat. two. the router decides to commit suicide. sobs. i was on the verge of breaking down. okay. maybe tugging at my hair. but when you're living outside, internet is your life. it's like losing your phone, and you can't call anyone because you're too dependent on it that you don't bother to remember any of your friends' number; lol; i'm just trying to explain the gravity of the situation.

gosh, and how technology fails you. you can't check your mail, you can't meet deadlines, you can't do assignment (well, it's usually when you don't have internet, you decided then you're supposed to finish your long procrastinated assignment) i'm sure you can relate to that.

so you're wondering how come you're reading this when i'm complaining about it. yes, guilty as charged, thanks to mr. aztech, i'm able to spend the last 5 hours sitting in front of this "idiot box". so far, i completed my daily routines (well, to make up the last FOUR days w/o updates of my quote of the day etc), I did pretty well. Okay. Not really. But you know how you're watching something and you go like, "I wanna search that on IMDB.com, but then" shucks! you realize that you can't do that. bummer!

okay, enough. that's like 3 paragraphs of how technology can fail you at crucial times, and there's more where that came from. so i did some catch up on some movies: made of honor, get smart, hancock, and the dark knight. you might be thinking that's not catch up because 2 out of the 4 are relatively new. haha. :p

made of honor: mcdreamy lives up to his name, and michelle monaghan is just so sweet! although you can literally see some "balls" action which is cringe-worthy. bluergh.

get smart: slapstick funny. dwayne johnson is hot! steve carell is passe, trying to replace steve martin with him, no.. none of the above. anne hathaway, hot but seems like she doesn't belong to the show. hmm. there i said my two cents.

hancock: course-related movie finally! but disappointing although will smith is good, but why does he has to take up stereotyped roles? wait, or he's being stereotyped for these roles? first there's men in black, then irobot, yadayada... i am legend, and now this. esp in the movie he said, "after all, i'm the only one of my kind" I cringed. It was like, "Is this I am Legend? am i in the right cinema?" i like the underlining message, the don'ts in pr i supposed, it was alright until the corny storyline although i admit it has a good twist, totally unexpected.

and yes, the dark knight: brilliantly written, shot! one thing i never experience in any of the batman movies that i did in this one: it made me believe that gotham city existed. i don't know how to explain that but really, it did it for me.

heath ledger made it so alive, and such irony now that he's no longer here, and i think he made everyone delivered their lines so perfectly. peer pressure works sometimes. aside from that, he freaked me out, like how he has MPD personalities and his no rules thing he goes by. oh yeah, he spoiled "You complete me" line for me. Now when I hear those three words, I would not be thinking of tom cruise in jerry mcguire, but a "joker" and his eerie line, "Why so serious?"

aaron eckhart did well as two-face, but he looked like a mummy, and don't tell me his face doesn't hurt. i didn't like his blond hair, coz everyone else in the movie is brunette. so it kinda spoil it for me, but it's nothing much.

christian bale did well except for the fact that everytime he's batman, his voice sounded like "Lhet hherrr ghooo" it was like speaking with phlegm in your throat. some has defended saying it was the only way to cover his welsh accent. i only found out 3.5 hours ago that he's english. how bout that? and shirley who was sitting next to me pointed out and i agree that his face "changed", he loss weight? either that, or he went for a plastic surgery. his mouth looked like pierce brosnan and boy, he resembles tom cruise when he was younger (click)

and there was edison chen with his 2 second "leave your phone at the reception for security purposes" cameo. lucky him, he get to be in the scene with morgan freeman.

sirius black (gary oldman) aka commissioner gordon was brilliant in the movie although he had his fair share of insensate moments. look out for him as well. what about the lovely rachel dawes acted by maggie gyllenhaal ? i could hear jamie and shirls repeatingly saying old.fat.slut during the kissing scenes. come on, for me, she did way better than katie homes. and she looked the part. oh yeah, i admit she looked hot in one scene where she queried the joker at the police station. yes, she is a lil old, 31 years old this year, but she has this "monalisa" beauty to her (pun not intended) very vintage look.

when the credits started rolling, there was a virtual standing ovation. well, at least jamie and i stood up and starting clapping. beautiful but it left me emotional, and exhausted. so much for destressing eh?


till the 24th July. if i can make it there safe. i'm praying for strength. and time.

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