Jul 25, 2008

good job seems rare these days

my dad's current overused phrase. and i'm blaming it on Hancock
College life has been great so far, as much as I *what'stheword* would very much like to move on to do other things? and my dad, being a dad, like any other dads. maybe not. he's one of a kind. always telling me that "girl, good job" (times a hundred time)

the first few times when he told me he was proud of me, i was touched, i mean really happy, because the fact that i spent all my life (nearly two decades now) trying to be someone he could be proud of. *onlychildsyndromewtfright*

and then there came Hancock and he was on a "Good Job" rampage.
i was on the verge of rolling my eyes (well i did roll my eyes everytime i hear that ;p) but today in class i learned a new perspective.

"you will find these days when you go outside, you don't get a pat on the back or a "good job". it's rare. i mean who cares?

which is true. i agree 1000 percent on that statement. you get more "envy/jealousy" when you do a good job, i mean by telling you you're doing a good job, would be admitting that i'm incapable. agree?

Well, the moral of the story is, you must tell yourself you're doing a GOOD JOB. whether in work, relationship or daily basis.

now that i think of it, "good job" doesn't sound so bad after all.
but taking for granted is bad.

make this world a better place by telling family, friends, colleagues, whoever you meet on daily basis, "Good Job". okay maybe not good job, but you get the drift.

there you go ladies and gentlemen, Good Job! xD

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