Jul 6, 2008

give me a sign

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there's so much to do and so little time to think, or worst, post a blog. while the world is spinning like crazy, you just have to stay still for one minute and realize that everything is overtaking you. like zoom! what's that? you'll ask yourself. i'm not going make this easy to read because no.1, i intend to make this a ranting post, also on behalf of my college mates, so to speak. i bring forth peace and mean no harm earthlings.

we constantly search for opportunities, but when one comes, even if it hits your face, you wouldn't grab it. that's human nature, that's why "the rich gets richer, the poor gets poorer". i'm not saying that they deserve it, but life is about making choices, no one gets away rich when they think poorly, it's just the way it works. i'm not sure whether i'm making sense, well, i think i do.

i'm a good philosopher in my own way, i constantly preach but am not appreciated for my thoughts. well, it is a fact that people will hate you for making them think when there's already so much problems to think about. i worry about a lot of things, sometimes i worry if i have adequate capacity for thinking. one of these days, i swear my brains are going to explode. to think that i only used 2% of my brains' capacity, exploding brains? That's just me being dramatic. (rolls eyes)

there are times that you just want to skip 2 steps, i wish for it now, but that wouldn't make a good story for your grandchildren, will it? it's like the movie 13 going on 30, only difference is that i'm turning 20 (omfg) i have this lil wish scrap book where i paste pictures on it, dreaming one day that i shall be there. if it makes you feel any less cynical, believe it or not, one month after i paste a picture of a DSLR camera, it came through. and yes, it's the same model that i pasted on it. well, a lil wishful thinking wouldn't hurt. :)

the first chapter of my book is coming to an end, and the next chapter is about to start. i don't know how, or when it will, but i know it will...

one day darling, we shall make it to the top, and we shall clink our champagne glasses together, and laugh about it... in the mean time, i shall add on to my lil scrap book. ;)

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