Jul 1, 2008

1st of July

it's been a while
since i last saw him
or even hear from him

i remember the times we spent online
even throughout those deadlines
don't worry it wasn't hallucination
neither was it imagination
movies, we went together
but with his good friend, he seems stuck forever
and i think there was a time i thought it was love at first "sent"
and secret messages we put on MSN

i'd like to think that we are good friends
he'd think that way too... in future tense

tonight he tried calling
while i was busy bawling
the call didn't get through
i guess fate must had gone to the loo

In return he said these wise words,
"i believe some things, it's up to us to decide our own fate"

the reason why he called?

he called me to wish me for his birthday.

that's the guy i learn to know. i dedicate this post to you, jordan tan.

p/s: guess what? ;)

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