Jun 7, 2010

Life won't be complete till you have the best chocolate souffle

Again, I made a short business trip to June. I'll post the leisure activities I did; the touristy post about fun stuff: food, new attractions, food and lots of food.

Ala Carte Buffet at Zhou's Kitchen. Yes, eat all you can, and they serve you. Neat concept, and the food is really fresh and plentiful too. [Chilli crab; the person in our group's favorite dish of all time]

[imagine a whole lot of food pictures. Totally unnecessary because this is not a food blog]

Why; of course I had to go there after the rave reviews on one of the food blog I found.
My search for good chocolate; one may never understand.

Banana Split Waffle.

and the best chocolate souffle ever. It was order alongside Banana Split, Chocolate Chip Cookie but we finished it in 1 minute, not joking. I had 2-3 bites.

Cute glassware which says Drink me! I had Frozen Eighties Chocolate; yes, chocolate again.

Everything chocolate! Max Brenner, please come to Malaysia.

Went to Simlin Square @ Bugis. Was amused by the lightings. What a colorful life. It may spark an interesting one-shot story. For now, one thousand words is represented by this photo.

Went to Marina Sands, and this is the new Casino. I'm amused (easily) by Singaporeans/Foreigners lane, just because. By the way it's free entrance for foreigners, but you have to pay $100 levy if you're a Singaporean/PR.

Wafer chocolate ice cream. Pure awesomeness at $1.
Told you I never get sick of chocolate.

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