Apr 18, 2008

Save the HOLLYWOOD sign!

An investment group that owns 138 sage-covered acres above and to the left of the 45-foot-high, steel-and-concrete H put the land up for sale last month for $22 million.

Apparently they bought it for $1.7 million. but that's not the main issue here.

read here.

SAVE the... wait a minute....hold on...

you know i have this wicked idea of what they can do with 138 acres of land above the 'H'?

Add an adjective to describe it. :p feel free to suggest.

What would it be for you?

4 spoken:

Më| §zë

erm... i don't really care actually... lol...

yours truly fel

mei sze: the feeling's mutual.. :) but you know i would love the idea of someone building another word (adding an adjective) to the hollywood sign. that would be a good laugh. :p



you HAVE to care? if the world was ending and i had to save three monuments, it would be the Statue of Liberty in France, the Giza and THIS SIGN!

yours truly fel

brnvn: okay. okay. i'll at least (pretend) to care. i was 13 when i saw THE sign, i don't quite recall that. but yeah, it's pretty historic, i mean it pretty much shaped who we are today besides mtv- well i think mtv comes from hollywood too. those d.o.ms. tsk. tsk

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