Apr 21, 2008

once is a coincidence. twice is ....

blog-worthy? :p

the story involves, a cabbie. and a passenger.
no prizes for guessing who's the passenger. like duh!

i have the weirdest encounters esp with our fellow cabbies.
yes, this one too. and it comes with extra services.

now, kids. don't get the wrong idea. :p

cut long story short:-

i usually take the cab from my workplace back to home.
for the past 2 months, never have I gotten the same cab.
maybe i don't keep track of them...

but this particular one, has definitely struck one of my memory cords.

mr cabbie a.k.a palm reader.

being stuck in the cab
with a complete stranger
and if he asks for your palm
well, you're obliged to.

reluctantly, i showed him
and told him my birth date
well, it wouldn't hurt?

although at that time
i admit i was freaking out
but i couldn't do anything
i'm basically stuck in the cab
what if he suddenly go amok?
you wouldn't know.

he told me a few things.
positive. negative. somewhere in between.
about my career. relationship. money. etc.
some are well, generic i would say.

the 2nd time.
he didn't recognize me
and asked me again
for my palm and birth date.

i decided to 'test' him
showed him my palm
told him my birth date
and see what he has to say...

he said the same thing.
hmm. consistency.

secretly i was "impressed"?

wait a minute...


was he telling the truth?
or does he tell that to every passenger?


i'll have to say it makes life more interesting when the world is made up of quirky and eccentric personalities, such as this mr cabbie-palm reader.

i reckon he should advertise himself like this.

p/s: sorry for the sucky photoshop. it's past bedtime. *yawns*

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