Apr 17, 2008

what i want the world to know. *shrugs*

1) wonders about the point of tagging....

yelena says, " macam(like) u can get to know ppl doing this tau".
felicia says, "you mean there's someone out there who's dying to know your puppy's name?"

2) when i don't(stop) tell (ing) much to you. it really means i'm fed up...

feedbacks from friends, "she nags a lot!"
felicia says, "you know what, i won't say anything more, coz i just dont' care" :x

3) i have a strong impulsive nature as opposed to my image of "no nonsense" and "cool" 'collected", i think you should get what i mean...

trivia: did you know she gulped down 4 shots of espresso once due to someone's leaving?

felicia says, "that is one of the most stupidest things i've ever done"

4) Guys might not want to know what goes through my head. srlsy speakin'.

trust me, it'll scare you when you know what's going in my head
-natasha bedingfield-

5) she loves writing down her thoughts. duh. blogging..

felicia says, "it gets too personal sometimes, that I don't write the way I used to"

6) perfectionist. OCD in her own way.

perfectionist mum complains everytime, "just look at her room! (messy)"
felicia says, "you will turn into your mom, no matter how diff you are!"(sigh)

7) very complicated indeed.

felicia says, "i'm an extrovert in an introvert way. I'm a cynic but I try to see the goodness in everything I do" now tell me, am i complicated or what?

8) gets inspired. one at a time. like crushes.

dad says, "she can't even hold a proper chord, and because of this monkey (his name is david choi!) from youtube, she started playing guitar! It's a miracle!"

mum says, "she plays better than her dad"

felicia says, "that is not true. don't listen to mum"

9) quite persistent (patient?) . in many ways.

a) felicia used to play a hand drawn keyboard ( imaginary piano) and scored 4As to prove she's really up for it, before her dad bought her a piano.

b) the longest crush she had was for 6 YEARS.

yelena says,
"boleh dpt 6 anak tu!"

10) a daddy's girl.
(i know you're reading this, dad)

felicia says, "she misses her younger days, sitting on her daddy's lap, act all mushy (like how you're supposed to be a daddy's girl) and act like you still need daddy's help although you know you can do it your own"

now we're more like friends, and i'm still a daddy's girl- grown up version way.
but i still hope i could go back and be 7 years old again.

11) wonders about her future. who doesn't?

felicia sings, "que sera sera... (i forgot the words. period!)"

12) *yawns* has faith in paris hilton, britney spears, lindsay lohan.

felicia says, "they're okay in my book, b*tches!"

i'm DONE!

4 spoken:



good luck with your hope in those hopeless women.

and aww...yeah, i'm a big fat momma's boy, too.

yours truly fel

brnvn: hopeless women. haha. yes, i shall continue my faith.

aww to you too! sweet! :)


Haha your dad calls David Choi a monkey. =P

6 years, very geng! =D

yours truly fel

chingy: yea. he does. :(

6 years is nothing, only stupid. :x

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