Apr 12, 2008

the five people

i just woke up and decided i should just write this somewhere.
you've read five people you meet in heaven by mitch albom.

today, i present you five people you really meet in real life by yours truly. :x

it's all very vague- it was just another usual thinking session in bed- that motivated me to get out of bed. and yes, i just woke up. spare me. flow along. it might not make sense. :x

1) The Opposites.
The people we want to be.
or at least we think so.

a person who's popular vs. a person who can demand respect

yes, we all want to to be popular. but there's no point if people just take you for a joy ride. what about respect and having people listen to what you have to say?

and if you're a person of poise and wears the pants, where people hang on every word you say, you want to be "popular" too, in a fun way, let loose, more approachable.

2) The drowning friend
The friend that drowns you. physically. mentally. whatever.

you really wonder why you can click but yet be so different?

question is: are you really that different?

i recall the article from Cleo magazine about the 7 types of friends you must have/ avoid?

the drowning friend is a classic example of the suicide at the Penang bridge story.


what i can conclude here is that don't try to be God.
walk the 3rd mile if you could, not any further because you'll only end up jumping together like the two men.

I personally went through it and believe me it really hurts especially it's your friend. the attachment is too unbearable, and you end up blaming yourself over it.
that's the biggest mistake you'll ever make.

3) the people who say this, and do that.
hypocrites/ironic people. whatever you call them.

a) people who cannot commit prior to other commitments
b) people who gets angry when pointed out, but the fact that they do it anyway
c) people who criticize but can't take it when being criticized
d) people who are in denial

and the long list goes on....

and i have come to a safe conclusion, that we are all "hypocrites" in our own way,
and we're living in hypocrisy, whether or not we want to deny. :/

4) the people who have no sense of identity
it all begins at home... you know it.

we can use all the adjectives in the world to describe ourselves.
and it'd be easy.

sad to say, that is made up along the phases in life, which might not be true
when i say it begins at home. it really begins at home.
nobody's perfect. and we're constantly "trying" to be.
having a identity is cool, even if it means putting a mask.

don't listen to me...
take it from Shakespeare's Life's Brief Candle:

"Life's but a walking shadow,
a poor player
That struts and frets his hour upon the
And then is
heard no more: it is a tale
Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury,
Signifying nothing."

i rest my case.

5) the teachers
they make you learn the hard way. the real teachers.

basically, people who make it difficult life for you.
it knows no age, no status. anyone could be it. if they feel like it.

don't give in to their dirty lil tricks.
but be thankful.

life's not always a bed of roses anyway,
beneath are
torns. you get both.
and that makes life
fun and challenging.

keep this phrase with you:
what does not kill you, only makes you stronger.

No copyrights infringement intended.

5 spoken:


I think it gave me a real impact. XD


yang 5th tu I ke? JAJAJAJAJA! :P

saje je I buat lawak bodo. sekali-sekala.

yours truly fel

chingy: good for ya!

laleche: not really. but you know the phrase "siapa makan cili, siapa terasa!" hahah... :D haha. lawak bodoh bagus jugak. hilang tension skit.. :d


I love Mitch Albom and have read all his books except for this, which you mention. I really should, soon. :)

Hahaha, absolutely love this post. Very original and creative! (NOT in a sarcastic manner, really) And I think, yes, we really do meet all these people in life. But hey, don't forget those nice ones. They exist. And you do meet them. :)

You mention you need optimism, in your previous post. You have it in you I'm sure. :) Be strong if anything is tough. You can make it!
There are always people who try to bring us down just to make themselves feel better. You just have to shun them out.

yours truly fel

jazzy*pam: haha. thanks. yup. optimism. we all need it. :)

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