Apr 30, 2008

it's so sad...

that people just want read my ramblings
(according to the 8 people that did my poll on the sidebar)

i admit, i find it interesting to read other people's blogs
their random thoughts, their ramblings,
anyone but mine...

i only read it again (and again)
to proof-read (yes, i know i'm a perfectionist)

why my ramblings?
i can blog about food? (i stay at home most of the time)
i can blog about events? (refer to the above)

i know now.
dang, i'm such a...
nerd? geek?

owh..i know.
i can blog about books!
which comes under ramblings
when I start to give my "opinion" about it

come on people (which is about 10 readers, max?)
give me a break.

blogging is hard. emo.

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