Apr 30, 2008

treating your secretary (and work stuff)

employer-employees' relationships are crucial in any organizations, in my opinion.

I couldn't agree more when I actually realized the importance, in my work place as an intern. As an employer, you either make or break your employees. If you want to see your workers "throwing" themselves at every work because they're passionate about it, it's not simple, but it's not hard either. I've done quite a bit of observing, and a fair share of "interviews" a.k.a "digging" to just feed my curiosity, to find out why these working people are well, just working for the sake of it.

9-5 job, getting my job done, salary at the end of the month, that sort of program that they permanently installed in their brains.

Here's some feedback or my observations:

1) The Boss doesnt' care.

at least that's what they think. No annual dinner, fellowship or that sort, which is suprising. I guess we all need a lil bit of appreciation once in a while. I guess "nobody really cares until they know how much you care".

2) Responsibility.

a big prob. so much so a huge problem when the designer lets the art director to check their work, not bothered to check the copy. If the art director didn't see the "typo" and sent it to the client, it's entirely the art director's fault if the client complains. take responsibility people!

3) Anger Management?

when people refuse to give in to the manager's attitude (problem!) and huge high turnover of staff. i mean brush up your PR skill, we're here to do a job, not show your temper as you like it, and I forsee a major disaster if it continues.

4) The big culprit!

managers start complaining that there's a "union" formed within the staff. why? the senior staff is the big culprit. brainwashing, spreading rumors and gossip, well, it's not healthy! if i was the boss, i'll be the first one to fire him/her. Take out the leader (culprit) and all well's ends well.

i could go on and on and on... but that wasn't my main topic for today. i got distracted. as usual.
i'll keep it short. :p

Secretaries' week. Who in the world came out with that idea really? Yes, like I've mentioned earlier, you should reward your employees. But it has gone overboard. I'm okay with luncheons but "treat your secretary to spa & massage?!?" Click here. An example of the many promotions during secretaries' week, which I find to be, well, it doesn't make sense.

I don't see them promoting something like "treat your love ones to a rejuvenating balinese massage". I'm not saying that deserving secretaries shouldn't be rewarded, maybe I've put too much thoughts into it, but if I know my other half treating his "secretary" to a massage, well, I would be really wondering. hmm.

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Wan Leonardo

Secretary Day? Reminds me of an episode from Ugly Betty. Oh well, i guess when ur someone with a position, somehow or rather ull change in some way as the 'self-empowerement' inside you is burning with passion mixed with arogance. ..

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