Apr 29, 2008

i'm thinking of...

a kitchen.

maybe it's a sudden urge. spur of the moment thing.
but it has always been a dream of mine to own a classy kitchen
and imagine me cooking. fuah! now don't start laughing. :/

i used to cook my own meals during highschool
because my parents are working

how i love experimenting- depending on my mood... :p
my aunt would bring back all those spices from abroad
and i love collecting them, thyme, rosemary bla bla bla...

a lil bit of this, a lil bit of that,
i ended up mixing everything i can get in the kitchen. :x
no food poisoning though, thank God!

funny thing how mum will know that I messed up her kitchen when she gets back.

"you used the kitchen?" she gave me the knowingly look.
"bbbut i cleaned it? how did you find out?"
"i have my ways" she gave an evil laugh. (okay i exaggerated that part)

but you could totally see her "evil" look. heh.

picture taken from: 101 cookbooks

I'm so tempted to try this spring salad recipe. :)

2 spoken:

Më| §zë

I love cooking! But not the washing up part... Maybe that's how your mum knows, maybe you're not clean enough..


yours truly fel

mei sze: yea. usually it's the oil on the stove.

bursting my bubble! i kept that to myself on purpose, now my reputation is ruined! :p

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