Apr 22, 2008

food for thought.

sent by the dad.
and side notes by yours truly. you know me. :)

If criticism could cause some to quit, the skunk would be extinct.

(+) Vitamin C:
true dat. true dat. :p
I guess it's true when research says more people die from being laughed at than anything else.
poor skunk. :(

Most people don't object to criticism if it's favorable.

(+) Vitamin B:
On the same topic:-
A big BOO to majority votes.
i wonder why people still use them.
I mean even if I'm the most righteous/objective person, my vote would be a lil biased.
agree, no?

Our own faults are the ones we condemn most quickly in others.

(+) Vitamin A:
Someone said, we are the mirror to those we don't like.
You hate how the person is such a snob? Maybe you're one.
So, moral of the story is: Don't be judgemental. at least try not to.

tips on how to stop (minimize) judging :-

1) I virtually slap myself if crosses my mind. good reminder!
2) Send good thoughts to them. Hey it works! :D
3) Bless them! Refer here.

there you go. be a happier person. wrinkles are overrratedd!

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