Apr 2, 2008

Matty's pillow

there she goes.
there she goes again.
passing by the little corner antic shop
where the kids go hop.. hopping...round the corner

the one with the frosted glass windows
where someone laid a pillow

the pillow was old, dusty and maybe a lil rusty
but she'll tell you that it's soft, comfy, and it smells like Matty

who's Matty, people will ask everytime
oh just someone that smells like the pillow she replied every single time

one day, April 1st to be exact, may just seem like any other day
she stood there like she always does
but this time you could tell it's different

she had tears rolling down her cheeks
as she begins to speak
this was what she said:-

Dear Matty,
do you remember how you used to love the children's laughter?
behind those frosted glass window you used to peek through em
with those curious brown eyes and fragile frame on the wheelchair you named 'rollers'
you'd daydream and would tell me wonderful bedtime stories...
thank you for your imagination.

'a little boy who couldn't walk and adventures in the meadows of dandelions'

Matty, spring is here. So, run free, run wild through the meadows of dandelions.
Mummy will be with you soon. Cross my heart and hope to die.

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