Apr 7, 2008

RM 27 for 27 Dresses

27 Dresses for 3 at 9.20 p.m. That'll be RM 27.

so, the Wongs decided on a romantic comedy flick on sat night.
(psstt) i watched it on the dvd. but i had to give in. mom's the word. *winks*

truth to be told, I didn't like it the first time i watched it.

why, you ask? remember james marsden in enchanted? *shudders* :/

yup. he was the "bimbo" prince, that is just unacceptable! :x
of course he had it coming, people are just going to compare him with patrick "mcdreamy" dempsey, eventhough both look equally ugly in that tight pantsuit. *shakes head*

i'm sorry but i can't really take bimbo-ness.

and no, i certainly do not believe that it's an inborn deficiency, rather, people who just take life for granted, and being overly dependent to do anything, hence being clueless and having somebody to do it for you.

but i stand corrected with his performance in 27 dresses.

it was rather "my" type kind of character?

playing a cynical and witty columnist who writes about weddings and doesn't believe in them. but in the end, falls weak on his knees for the girl-next-door played by katherine heigl.

what's not to like? *sigh...* :)

my fav quotes:

"I wanted to be here tonight to make sure you're all right and being taken care of."

What about you? You don't have any needs? No. I'm Jesus." lmao.

"Love is patient, love is kind, love is slowly going out of your mind"

(during the yoga session) "No sign says you can't talk!"

btw, heigl is the main reason why i picked up the dvd and why i gave this movie a 2nd chance.

hubby singer-songwriter josh kelley wrote her a song, Hey Katie. aww...

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Yesterday I watched Hairspray, got him as the host.


*Jelly legs*

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