Apr 8, 2008

secret vault spills...

have you ever had your friend telling you?
shh. please. don't tell anyone about it (my secret)!

not that it's hard to keep it
but knowing the fact that this person in front of you isn't what he or she really is.
it's just all false pretense. and you don't know what's really real anymore?
what you can do is to be a secret vault and bury it somewhere...

not that it's pin pointed to anyone in particular
but if you've been a secret vault, you'd know how it feels...

i feel bad. not because i had to keep that secret
because what you see is not really what you'll be getting.

life moves on. period.

3 spoken:


which is why i listen and don't keep.

i'm more of a postbox that way.

yours truly fel

brana: haha. postbox. i like that. i'm more of a direct mailer. my destination tends to be very specific. :p


Direct mailer hahaha.
Secrets hm.

I choose to ignore. Or rant it out to myself. XD

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