Apr 9, 2008


i spent most of my time in the boss' office today. in and out.

don't get any ideas, por favor.

you know how good old grandpa wear his reading glasses and does his reading?

he was doing his usual looking into the future. and it's not nice to stare.

i kept myself busy by looking up into nothingness. look left. look right. and look at him.

i was trying to read his mind by starring at him while he focused on the piece of paper.

and then i saw a transmission of a gazillions data in form of electromagnetic waves.

well. literally.


he may be 60. but he's like a walking library of marketing books.

and no, i'm not exaggerating.

2 spoken:


Your boss rocks! XD
I also wanna be a walking dictionary of marketing. XD

yours truly fel

chingy: haha. i know the entire iaa students of iact do. :D

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