Apr 4, 2008

i'm looking at....

a list of ivy league schools.

there's your prestigious Harvard, Yale, Princeton...
and there's Brown, Columbia, Dartmouth, Pennsylvania, Cornell .

harvard hottie! -nanny diaries-
note: sorry can't help myself. :)

and then i learned about liberal arts colleges from sweatlee
what are those? well, let's just say that it gives you freedom to explore and in the end you'd figured something, and helping you to design your own major, which is awesome, imo.

preetay cool. i mean you're never really too sure of what you want in life
let alone, in studies... constantly stumbling over blocks...
i wonder if you're "able" to learn from other people's mistakes. at some point, yes.

i mean we know the world is not flat
but only when someone was bold enough to challenge the once-upon-a-time fact.


it's kinda weird that when i ask a question, i end up answering it.
blogging bestowed me the "superpower" to split myself into multiple personalities. it gets a lil too crowded sometimes, i admit. :x

so, i was browsing. and browsing through the many colleges' sites.
i swear there's a whole bunch of hybrid subjects, sprouting "like mushroom after the rain"!

i mean you can have a degree in Buddhist studies
i can just imagine ultimate nirvana during their graduation ceremony.. er. yeah.

and come on, french and romance philosophy? it cannot be for real.

when i come to think of it now, the most non-complicated, no-brainer, "logical" thing to do:

1) take up a business degree
2) and open your own kopitiam shop
3) make your millions
4) retire and spend time with your grandchildren
5) travel around the world

okay it's not as simple. but compared to dr. "love" philosophy, you would agree with me, no?

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