May 6, 2008

Behind the "glamour"

you've seen the "glamour" side of it.

here's the the latter. xD

the waiting. omg. so malaysian lah, these "stars" are never on time...*

see. see. now only coming. when is it going to be my turn? *

ladies at work. :)

like they say, candids are the best!

turban guy: I polished my leather shoes, make sure you capture the shine, wokay?

beanie guy: aiyoyo..... *

as the after party goes on, we sometimes forget to look sideways...

i noticed them by the kitchen entrance- and that 3rd chef with specs (in the middle) is not bad looking! xD

awww. they're really shy, and really nice... nice fellows! :)

*all the captions above are only for entertainment purpose, to be taken lightly! :)

So, I should have taken more of those "un-glamour" pics- to prove that glamour ends at the end of the night, and behind the facade, we're all normal peeps with a normal job, with normal lives.

Those glamorous people literally live in front of the camera, it's their "job" to look great and awesome. At the end of the day, they're just people with jobs.

But this post serves to remind us, that sometimes we should look sideways, and you might see something interesting along the way.

p/s: Oh yea. I would also like to thank a few people for this wonderful experience. *ahem*

Manager: Yelena (who persuaded me to go for this event)
Wardrobe: Pam (wonderful stylist! Thank you! YOU'RE A LIFE SAVER!)
"Glamour" Entourage: Sara and Nasriq (without you guys, we would be lost! haha)

Kononnya lah, glamour kan? Ish.

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