May 7, 2008

everyone can be slim!

So, slimming/ thinspiration is in trend (when was it not, anyways?)

Girls as young as 10 years old are concerned about their weight, and I remember at 10, I was oblivious to the issue. I wasn't even competitive ( I mean, all these issues come from, whether am I better off than you etc) .

Everything used to be fine, until you start comparing. *lightning bolt*

Life would be easier:

1) If there weren't much choices, between low fat milk and "fat" milk? or sugar free, cholestrol free etc.

2) If slimming centers stop offering money back guarantee, so that people will realize that this isn't the way to go, and should just hit the park, once and for all.

3) Soda company should stop the whole "diet" concept, because there's no point ordering a large beef hamburger with extra cheese and a "diet soda" to go with it. And yeah, the taste sucks anyway. Bluergh!

4) Yes, no endorsements, please. Stop giving us false hopes, and stop rubbing salt to our wounds that we can never look like those on your ads, yea, it'll work alright, with an impossible fee.


I rest my case.

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