May 4, 2008

AIM 15 (pics + quick recap)

So, here we go.

on the red carpet: Fazley

on the red carpet: Elaine Daly

*coughs* Also on the red carpet: Yelena and I.

AIM 15. Kemuncak Segala-galanya.

Host Adibah Noor and Afdlin Shauki did great.

A few of the most memorable jokes/lines:

Afdlin: Mengapakah Adibah adalah calon ratu cakerawala yang terbaik?
Adibah: Saya memang calon yang terbaik. Sebab, kalau rakyat Malaysia melihat Adibah, mereka akan cakap, "Eh, saya lagi cantik daripada dia!". Begini, rakyat-rakyat Malaysia boleh meningkatkan keyakinan diri, jika dibandingkan dengan model yang cantik?

Adibah: Terima kasih kepada kontraktor yang telah membina pentas yang begitu mantap ini.
Afdlin: Yang dapat menampung Adibah, memanglah kontraktor yang begitu mantap!

Afdlin: Mempersembahkan 3 vokalis wanita- kalau digabungkan, jadilah Adibah.
Kalau dipecahkan, jadilah Dayang, Datuk Siti Nurhaliza, dan Atilia.

Opening perf: Faizal Tahir.

WHO? From 8tv's One in a Million and 3 months ban for baring his chest fame.
Trademark? Superman t-shirt.
Awards? 6 nominations; 3 wins. (he's the crowd's favourite, hmm..)

WHO? Datuk Siti Nurhaliza receiving the Best Female Vocalist Award. again.

There were some good performances...

Good: Boomerangx, singing/rapping KL Leng Zhai. (mandarin, english, malay, tamil, punjab)

and some bad ones....

BAD: They named themselves "Nice", but it was not nice, dawg. Not feeling it! :/

The "Fantastic" Four:- the night was still young, it's time to party!

BoomerangX- Gotta have a pic with them. :)

Pop Shuvit (who also won the Anugerah Kembara that night)

Dayang Nurfaizah. (very bubbly, friendly)

She performed Warisan, which was one of the best.

It's a shame she didn't win any awards (although with a strong fanbase supporting her at the show, she wasn't sulky, sporting indeed!)

Spotted also at the after-party: Dina from the Malaysian Idol fame.

Side note: She's uber friendly!

From the 2003 Keabadian Cinta craze, ANUAR ZAIN!!
Now meeting him in person! :)

Just like in the picture, he's extremely soft spoken, and polite.

I felt bad when I saw him eating halfway, and people wanting to take picture with him.

Come on people, give him some SPACE!

What's on the "other" side of the room? Hmmm... Rofl!

Awesome DJ!

There's a party going on:

the booze, the dance floor and cute decor.

Sara, my unofficial model. :p

I adore the lighting! :)

Cupcakes anyone?

Sara and I: Yelena trying her hand at photography.

It came out pretty and I would say it's not too bad!

I wasn't going to post this up. hmmph. Fine, he's smokin' *coughs*hot*coughs* .

I'm taking back what I've said earlier, because Yelena said: Give him the benefit of the doubt! Fine. Hmmph.

Anyways, I love the moody blue lighting! Yes, original lighting.

One of my favourite shots of the night! :)

Glamour queens: Daphne Iking, Sara & Elaine Daly.


Okay, that was a (very) quick recap of the AIM, and after-party event.

Next update:
Behind the "glamour". ;p

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