Sep 18, 2008

we are the hero of our own story

we start reading, hearing, and dreaming fairytales since little. well, in the end, today, most of us don't think we deserve, or don't think we have what it takes to live our own "fairytale". most of us want to, but you know when you have thoughts like, "oh, that'll never happen", or "that's not even real".

question is, when are we going to start living it?

today, i just want to voice this out. "we are the hero of our own story". we must be able to tell ourselves, "i'm proud of you", "i'm enough".

Enhance what you're good at, improve your weaknesses. like a wise lecturer told our class, "Know Thyself". often enough, "wisdom are always whispered to you". I've learned my lesson, free advice are not appreciated until you pay for it.

next time you want one, i'm charging. no joke.

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