Sep 14, 2008

we keep waiting on the world to change..

today i had roti canai (indian food, it's all about the carbs! lol) at 7:30 a.m. Sadly alone, but it felt good, okay I'm not going to lead you into a "relo" topic, simply because it has nothing got to do with that, I swear! *rofl*

It felt like I went through a "final rite" in Uptown
It's a Sunday morning, so no double parkers and noisy honkers, that felt good for once.

I then walked back "home", and passed the park, where I glanced through all the houses that I used to pass by, the badminton court, the tennis court, the basketball court.

Lil kids playing badminton, the rain or shine joggers, with occasional weird sightings like 3 dogs humping on each other (threesome kinda way), which I'm totally not lying because Yna saw it with me! or some dog which looks more like a bear/gorilla (seriously i have no idea!)

I didn't know dogs can be queer too, that same feeling, like how I discovered when I was 9 that chickens pee, or bitches (female dogs) have period too!

Okay, moving on... I guess some neighbours would be happy, finally that girl who sound like a broken record when she's on the guitar or those weird "karaoke" sessions is leaving! That includes, my next door housemate, and downstairs' too. =p

I was just having my final guitar session, shucks. Sorry! ;)

Today I'm heading home, gosh, truth to be told, I don't know where to start packing (read: throwing) *touches heart* I'm a sentimental (rubbish) person, sometimes I just wonder if i can live in "simplicity"? haha.

Okay, 1st mission is to throw and finish reading the books that I haven't finished or started before i go into any bookstore and get tempted to rush to the cashier... sigh... i think that might just be my New Year's reso.

i'm checking out, and gotta bid farewell to my dear-to-heart Uptown, but will continue living my own Uptown Life as I move on to greater things in life, forever and will always be the UptownLife.

no tears please. heh.

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