Sep 11, 2008

missing & whereabouts

i've been missing from my blog close to a week now. am i just glad that TWO "readers" noticed that (from the two messages on my shoutbox, that is).

well, cut the long story short, i'll just let the pictures do the talking. maybe if i'm free, i'll elaborate in the next post.

i participated in a merdeka spirited sports day on the 30/8.

i got myself, well, my dad got me new lenses, two new lenses.
guess what's the other one? ;) my early xmas present. sweetness!

it was an expected sombre moment for the family.
looking at the bright side, it brought us closer.
and well, the living has got to move on! c'iest la vie!

oh yeah. and i'm back in KL. Give me a holler if you want to meet up! :)

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