May 9, 2008

stop barking.

politics never end, do they?

Raja Petra Kamarudin (RPK), was charged under the sedition act, after releasing a seditious article (read: Altantuya).

He refused the first bail, and went on strike, refusing visitors and meals. Only after the 2nd attempt, he agreed to a post-bail.

I even got invited on facebook, a candle light vigil event to support R.P.K.

Truth to be told, I didn't give a care about it at first until friends and colleagues ask me, "Hey, what do you think of the R.P.K's case?"

I think my colleague a.k.a. ex-lawyer made a very good point. Let's put it this way, everybody wants to save their own ass, and please don't get me started, martyr doesn't exist at this point of time, yes, not even R.P.K. so to speak.

I was quite sure that this issue would be of interest after the big win by the opposition, where individuals (starting from me, of course) start to question about "standing up, and voicing out your opinions". Yes, my question is, whether the opposition are really walking the talk?

R.P.K. today, made me think again. and it's not really convincing. If you want to be the hero of the people, make sure you have the facts, and the guts and the conscience. What these so called heroes are doing now, well, blatantly put, they're simply barking, yes, at the right tree, but maybe for the wrong reasons.

If you dare, then go all out. Tell the truth, if you have the truth. Yes, consequence, we face it with every decision we make, so like I've said, hero, huh? Show me a real hero.

Stop barking. It's not pretty.

t'was my 200th post. wasted betul.

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