May 8, 2008


i was tagged by vince, followed by joe - assuming he meant me lah ;)

so here is it...xD

instead of the mundane way of listing it down, it'll be visual driven.
Feast your eyes! The ones that don't belong to me, check the credits. :x

5 things in my bag:-

1) I got these cute mini vidcam necklace at fourskin. uberly cute! and it doubles up as a torchlight! awesome-ness! xD

2) Thank you cards for my colleagues, as my internship is ending, well, tomorrow. *sobs*

3) Earphones. Very important- because they're my companion on the bus. Buffer to chatty people on the bus =_=;;

4) Key to the office. I'm giving it back tomorrow! :(

5) My lil black book. Where I put down my notes, ideas, random doodlings, journal. I have another planner though for serious meetings/ where I jot down interesting quotes! (plus it looks more pro, haha)

5 things in my wallet! :-)

1) $$$!

2) Cards. ATM card, MPH Circle, and Coffee Bean card. Know my cards, know me, pretty much. xD

3) Old bus tix back to Ipoh. How I miss home!

4) My dad's picture, dated 2/3 years back? I asked my mom, but she didn't have the recent pic, so yeah.

5) Bus tickets. XD

5 favourite things in my room:

1) My lappie. My company since I started college. xD

2) the clock. it tells the time. It's set 15 mins earlier, but I simply like to wait till 7.45 (my time) because I know it's 7.30 in real time. the irony of it. :p

3) My guitar picks. I lost my thumb picks (forever losing them!) They come in assorted colors and patterns, which I simply cannot resist checking them out whenever I happened to pass by a music store.

One of my favs, is the navy blue you see in the picture. It's nothing special except for the fact that yesdavidchoigavethemtome! XD

4) My guitar. guitars. (acoustic and classical) It's simply a nice decor, a nice touch of masculinity to my originally non-girly room. I would say I get inspired easily- that also explains my sensitivity to my surrounding. I think I've mentioned, I never like guitar until mid last year when I discovered, this vid, click. :x

It's a pick up and learn to play until you can play kinda of obsession, which of course, I don't regret it even a bit. :)

5) My comic books. Other than serious psychology, thrillers, and chick lits, I grew up with detective comics. Penyiasat Remaja, Detective Conan (pic), Detective Q etc. You'll find a library of it back home, and how I miss those times where I sleep with books around me (not comfortable!), and how I would stash them underneath my blanket to hide from my dad (of course he knew! silly me) and exam days (where it's stored away in the cupboard).

5 things I always wanted to do:

1) sound nice enough to perform for a crowd.
pic credit: click

2) kiss a random stranger to see how it feels like. xD
credits: iStockphoto

3) Be like Cameron Crowe. Inspiring.

4) Get published!

5) Travel (journal) XD Go travel, make a scrapbook (like the one you see on Elizabethtown)

5 things I'm currently into:

1) dslr photography
2) marie digby and colbie caillat
3) property - it comes with the work ;)
4) blogging? *shrugs*
5) self reflection (no, it does not involve a mirror)

List of the Top 4 presents you wish for:

1) 1 million dollars. to study abroad. word.
2) macbook pro. doesn't everyone?
3) a taylor guitar.
4) new lens for my dslr

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